More Than One Way to Braise a Pork

Whether it’s as simple as pork and water in a pot or as complex as mirepoix and deglazing, our food skill / recipe shows you that there’s no one right way to braise a pig. I personally have used the “Intermediate” stage for some of the best tacos of my life. As always, have fun with your food.


  1. Place pork in crock pot/pot on stove/ pot in oven

  2. Add water to fill half way, salt liberally

  3. Cook until tender or falls off bone*

    1. If crock pot then on low

    2. If stove top then at low simmer

    3. If in oven then 225 with lid cracked open

  4. Remove from heat, cool in cooking liquid overnight

  5. Next day, warm everything up and remove, pick, or portion the pork





  1. Place pork in crock pot/pot on stove/ pot in oven

  2. Add flavorful liquid e.g.

    1. Apple cider

    2. Stock etc.

    3. Beer

    4. Wine

  3. Rough chop some onion (skin on), carrot, celery and garlic. Add to liquid

  4. Complete “Basic” steps 3 through 5

  5. Once pork is removed, reduce and season braising liquid to create a sauce




  1. Sear all sides of your pork in pot with oil. (This does NOT seal in any juices, that’s a myth, but it does create delicious flavor compounds.)

  2. Peel some onion, carrot, garlic and med/large dice them with celery

  3. Brown veggies in remaining oil and pork fat

  4. Deglaze with liquid of choice. (Scrape up the brown bits)

    1. If cooking in this vessel, deglaze and put pork back in.

    2. If braising in a crock pot, remove veggies, deglaze pot, and add everything to crock pot.

  5. Complete “Basic” steps 3 through 5 then “Intermediate” step 5



*Depending on the size of the pork this can take anyway from 4 to 24 hours, i usually braise about 4lbs of pork for 8-10 hrs.




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