Feel for Pleasure

I took a wonderful Cat Allen Mat2Mat class with the intent, “Feel for Pleasure.” It was months ago that I first practiced along with this class. I find that I’m bringing this intent into my everyday activities more and more, so I thought I’d share some good feelings with you. Enjoy!

Directing all the heat in my car onto feet on a chilly morning.

Clean sheets at bedtime.

Sidewalk against my bare feet.

Water when I’m a little too thirsty.

The sound of my husband’s text tone.

A hug from my sister at the airport.

The sound of church bells in my new neighborhood.

My very fuzzy meditation blanket.

The warmth of hot tea on the inside.

Walking on 100 year old wood floors in my apartment.

Sitting down in the shower.


The smell of my neighbor’s dinner.

The smell of my new deodorant.

Letting someone go ahead in the grocery line.

Breathing into my right side.

A day with nothing scheduled.

Leigh Ann HandelComment