Lounge Lunge

We love lounge lunge, but sometimes it can feel like a lot of body parts to sort out. We prefer a good Forrest Yoga warmup or a few sun salutations before practicing lounge lunge.

Let's take a look!

lounge lunge relaxed shoulder.jpg

Come into lunge with left leg forward, ankle right under knee. Wrap left arm around left thigh. Hand clasps shin. Inhale telescope right ribs away from hips. Exhale turn ribs toward left thigh, sink right hip toward right wrist. Feel for stretch around right psoas, low back, and abdominals.

A troubleshooting guide:

Do slide right shoulder up toward your ear.


Snuggle thigh toward chest, rather than curling chest toward thigh. 


Activate your inner legs. Both of them. Front and back.


Relax neck in the way that works for you: ear toward shoulder or forehead toward knee.


Practical Life Skills from Lounge Lunge:

Self snuggling.

Looking cool.

Unwinding hip flexors, belly, and low back.