Goodbye for Now


What happens when your teacher moves?

Your practice grows. Trust us.

Well, your practice grows... as long as you keep practicing.

The first time one of my teachers moved, I cried through much of her last class. This teacher had helped me rebuild my practice when I felt lost, she had given me a safe space to grieve a family tragedy, and she had helped me to see myself as someone with exciting potential. Her effect on my life was profound, and of course, she was dear to me.
At the time, I felt sad, but also afraid. What would happen to my practice? What would happen to my body and brain?
What happened, of course, was that my practice continued, and my body and brain were cared for. There’s more to the answer, though. The real answer is that my practice improved.
Growth and change go hand in hand. 
Each of the teachers I’ve worked with has seen and said things in different ways. Sometimes, hearing something phrased in a new way was enough for a major breakthrough for me. Sometimes, months of study gradually revealed a new layer of meaning in my practice. Occasionally, I learned what not to do. That happens.

I cry for a lot of transitions now, and I feel grateful to have connections in my life that are wholehearted enough to be worthy of my tears.
-Leigh Ann

What do you do now?

Whatever works for you, of course. What do we recommend? Keep coming to class! Add other classes as well, and meet new teachers before we leave. Taking the initiative to get out and start looking now will make the transition so much brighter. Look while you can sense how alive your yoga practice is making you feel, rather than waiting for it to wear off. You can also give Mat2Mat a try, or talk to us about Skype class. We will be filming (many!) new Mat2Mat videos after the move.

There are not other Forrest Yoga teachers in Wilmington, but there are many Yoga teachers. Perhaps sometime soon there will be another Forrest Yoga teacher in Wilmington, and maybe that person will be you. People aged 19-80+ have successfully completed Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training. If we hear of any incoming Forrest Yoga teachers, we will let you know in this newsletter.

Thank you for practicing with us. Our lives are better for having known you. Yes, you. We will miss you, and we hope to see you again. Workshops and classes in Wilmington will be announced in our newsletter, but please do email us directly too. You can find us on the other side of the “reply” button of every newsletter.

-Mike & Leigh Ann