Is it a blog? Is it a recipe? It's Mike playing outside!

It is officially ramp season in Pittsburgh! Yum!


You can cut them. It’s very easy, it’s cleaner, and it’s more sustainable, since the root structure stays there to grow the next year.


You can dig them up. It’s more work, since they are quite deep, maybe 4-5”, but then you get the delicious, spicy bulb. Also, finding the bulb helps identify that it’s an onion, and not something else, like a lily.


I suggest a mix of both.

They smell strongly of onion. It’s hard to misidentify them, after you’ve smelled them once. It’s a good idea to go with someone experienced the first time you head out foraging for them.


Mike enjoys going out into the woods. Leigh Ann enjoy’s eating ramps, ideally in risotto.