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What works for you?


There are lots of great ways to work with us. 


Group Classes

This is the best known way to practice yoga in the US today. We teach conventional group classes as well as specialty small group classes.




To find us, check out our current class schedule.

Private Classes

The more traditional way of practicing yoga. Yoga was historically taught one-on-one, which allows the teacher to create sequences of poses that are entirely appropriate for the student. Private yoga is a great way to build a strong foundation for beginners and people who are modifying for injuries. Individual instruction is also important for more advanced practitioners, to help identify habitual movement, breath, and thought patterns and make way for safe continued growth.


Private Session $120

Skype Private $60


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Mat2Mat Online Classes

This is how Mike and Leigh Ann practice most days. (They are Catherine Allen Channel Subscribers). Mat2Mat was started by yoga teachers, and it's premise demonstrates a clear understanding of how most yogis choose to practice: with a teacher they trust. 

Mat2Mat is a great option for frequent travelers, home practicers, and Forrest Yogis who live outside of Wilmington. A subscription gets you unlimited access to the Speak Truth Yoga channel. This is the most cost effective way to access class with Mike and Leigh Ann.


Monthly Subscription $8

Annual Subscription $80

Take our classes online at any time. You could take class right now!



Mike and Leigh Ann also love teaching for special events, including, but not limited to:

  • Corporate Classes

  • Wedding Mornings & Bridal Showers

  • Beginner Courses

  • Festivals

  • Coaching for Teachers

  • Speaking Engagements

Have an idea or event? 

"I really can't thank you both enough for being my intro into yoga and finding my own potential.  "  - Dana