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See How People Feel After Class



"I am a breast cancer survivor and was advised by my Physical Therapist to start yoga to strengthen my core and help recover my strength from a double mastectomy.  Leigh Ann's class was the first class I took in a studio.  I cannot express how Leigh Ann's approach helped me.  She has the rare gift of empathizing with clients at their level and then helping them reach their personal goals.  She is able to run a whole class while taking time to help individuals with assists.  She also can break down poses in such a slow way that it looks attainable by anyone.  Leigh Ann really helped me find my own yoga practice and excel at something I never knew I was good at!

"I was introduced to Mike by taking one of his very fun and challenging classes.  He has such a fun approach to yoga that you forget you are even building strength.  He also demonstrates poses in a slow graceful way that helps you feel confident trying. He is full of energy and can work with a plethora of ages and abilities"



For years I'd wanted to try yoga and had had a few experiences but nothing really stuck.  Until I found Take Yoga and enjoyed my first beginner's workshop with Leigh Ann.  I learned about what yoga is, beyond a physical practice, and have grown so much even as I've only just begun my yoga journey.  During practice with both Mike and Leigh Ann I would learn about yoga and myself and realized what a welcoming place yoga could be.  Their approach can be fun, challenging, whimsicle, insightful and would make me feel good about stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I only got to practice with them for 9 months but they have left an imprint on me that I will carry while I continue to walk my yoga path -- and often hum "may all people walk in beauty....".

The first time I took a Forest Yoga class, I was expecting the usual flowing, sweaty class of every other studio. The then distance runner in me thought, "if I'm not exhausted and dripping it didn't count." But at the end of class, Mike had us all try down dog on the wall. Now that was fun! I love a good challenge so I went back.

I soon realized my body needed more then cardio and this was a better challenge then fast paced flow. It made me pay attention to breath, form, and why I was there. Things we're all bad at slowing down to do. Forest was great for my mind and body. It built strength, stretched me and was also purposeful in the way it did so.

During the same time I began my Forest Yoga journey, I Started to have some health problems. They slowed my running and caused me pain. This is when Forest yoga was crucial. It eased what hurt and kept me moving. There was always an adaptation and a way to be part of the practice.

The other just as important piece was Mike. His instruction is insightful, inspiring and lighthearted at the same time. He never takes himself too seriously and allows you as the student to do the same. Mike makes even the hardest pose seem possible and gives you the opportunity to try and succeed at some level.



As a novice, I took inspiration from this story. Practice makes perfect, but Leigh Ann has a background/education in music and spent hours training under the mantra "Perfect practice makes perfect." When she embraced yoga, the mantra became "Practice makes progress". As a 58 year-old with limited flexibility and health issues, that message spoke to me and I have been happily focusing on practice as progress since!

I have been taking yoga since 1998, and was pleasantly surpassed when I tried out a new young teacher named Leigh Ann.. She was nervous and inexperienced, but had that certain spark and passion that only the best teachers are able to convey. I followed her after she switched studios and am very grateful to watch her blossom and develop into the incredible instructor she is today.



Leigh Ann was my first real yoga teacher. Before taking Leigh Ann's Forrest Yoga classes, I did not have a regular yoga practice. After a few times of going, I started to gain strength, self-acceptance, and a new found appreciation for yoga. My practice changed as I became more mindful and focused. Leigh Ann's teaching style makes every body feel welcome and she is genuinely interested in helping people find yoga that works for them and their body. Thank you Leigh Ann!